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Who's watching your home?

Apex Mobile Patrol Guards will patrol your home whenever you’re away. It’s the same industrial strength service we offer to hundreds of businesses around Thunder Bay every day. Best of all, you can custom-tailor our House Watch service to meet your personal needs and budget. (check snow birds houses for winter)

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Since 1977, Apex Security has been a trusted name in Thunder Bay.
For more information call Apex at (807) 344-8491.

Email inquiries: apex@apex-tb.com
Benefits of our Home Watch Service
Let Apex watch over your home while you are away
  • Mobile patrols are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to watch over your property while you’re away from home or on vacation.
  • Regular random visits during the day and night in clearly marked and radio equipped vehicles are a proven deterrent to thieves due to the random timing of visits.
  • House Watch is much more than a drive-by service. Apex Mobile Patrol Guards physically check doors, windows, surroundings and the interior and exterior of the property. This service can also be tailored to suit your specific needs including pets and plant care. Arrangements can be made to maintain your pool, snow removal, etc.
  • Apex becomes your key holder should you be locked out. This also provides us with access to your home while you’re away to check fire alarms, furnace, electrical, flooding and other potential problems. (You should be aware that most insurance policies do not recover damage from freezing if you are away from your home for more than four days unless arrangements for a competent person to enter your home daily to ensure that heating was being maintained are made.)
  • You get total accountability with our high-tech Check Point Data Strip that would be placed in a pre-designated area of the home. It’s scanned every time an Apex Mobile Patrol Guard visits your premises. This provides you with an official verification of date and time we visited, and will satisfy insurance requirements as per the conditions of your policy.
  • Apex House Watch Service can be adapted to your personal requirements, i.e. you can choose to have the service at certain times of the day, week or year.
  • Once this service has been initially set up, all you need to do is contact our office when you plan to be away from your home and we will make arrangements for mobile patrols.